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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twenty-One Reasons to Have Your Home Cleaned Professionally

So, you've never had professional housekeeping help? People are often surprised at how relatively little it can cost, so what's holding you back? If what you need are a few reasons to get started, read this article from

1.) You want to devote more time to working on your career, advancement or promotion.

2.) You run a home-based business or tele-commute.

3.) You want to spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you enjoy.

4.) You are temporarily unable to clean due to health issues.

5.) You are pregnant.

6.)You are about to have a party or houseguests.

7.)You had a party or houseguests.

8.)You'd like to buy back your weekends for rest, relaxation and fun.

9.)You or a family member suffer from allergies.

10.)You want to relieve some stress in your life-and be a nicer person for your family.

12.)You want to be able to entertain and have visitors without a major overhaul.

13.)You have a new baby ( or babies!)

14.)You are caring for several young children.

15.)You are Ms. ( or Mr. ) Volunteer for the community, your children's school, etc.

16.)You hate housework!!

17.)You want to reduce stress associated with a cluttered enviroment.

18.)You want to solve the family conflicts which result from the " messy house and no one wants to clean it" syndrome.

19.)You want to feel proud of your home.

20.)You want to experience the unbelievable bliss of coming home-just once or every other week-to a sparkling clean house.

21.) Because you desire a "life" outside work and more work!

What is your reason for having or wanting a professional house cleaning? Please share.

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