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Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoy the Juicy Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

Winter is on its way, and with that we're faced with a new lot of produce to enjoy. Amoung the many to choose from is pomengranate. Although the health benefits of pomengranates are impressive, the Federal Trade Commission has had to step in to remind us that the fruit is not a cure-all or quick fix, as many are over-selling its benefits. Consuming pomegranates offers a lot to your body nutritionally, but they certainly won't provide any miracle cures.
* Pomegranate seeds and juice provide ample amounts of:
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin B5
* Potassium
* Fiber
* Variety of polyphenols
We need more scientific studies to confirm the following list of benefits, but until then, add pomegranate or its juice to any wintry day for a healthy treat!
Heart Health: Pomegranate lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also prevents plaque build-up and dangerous clots in the arteries.
Men's Health: When consumed daily for at least three months, pomegranate juice may combat erectile dysfunction.
Dental Health: Just as pomegranate prevents plaque in the circulatory system, it prevents dental plaque as well.
Joint Health: Inflammation is reduced by compounds found in pomegranate. Although this isn't a cure for arthritis, it can help alleviate the symptoms.
Cancer Treatment: Scientists suspect that the regular consumption of pomegranate could not only prevent cancer, but it could also increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Breast, prostate, skin and lung cancer were amoung the types studied.

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