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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Frugal Repurposing Ideas for Your Home

If you are the frugal type,we know we are, then here are some repurposing ideas and unique tips:

> Use mustard to clean out bottles with persistent odors.
> Turkey basters can help you water your plants.
> Unstick drawers using a bar of soap.
> Use tennis balls to make your pillows fluffy again.
> Flour can help you clean stainless steel appliances.
> Paint rollers can help you dust a ceiling fan.
> Use a pumice stone to remove rust stains from your toilet.
> Plants can help you purify the air in your home.
> Tea leaves can help you eliminate litter box odors.
> Use dryers sheets to dust baseboards clean.
Use twine to polish forks between the tines.
> Facial wipes can help you to remove paint stains on the floor.
> Use peanut butter to remove sticky price tags.

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