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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enjoying a Green Summer

This year, why not green your summer vacation? There are lots of eco-tourism destinations and domestic green lodging.Or, try lowering your carbon footprint by camping and enjoying nature. Better yet, forgo a vacation all together and take a staycation instead.

Leave your car at home. With warmer temperatures, bike, walk, or push your kids in a stroller. Get to know your city's public transit without waiting for the bus in bad weather.

Dry your clothes outside. Let the sunshine do its thing and dry your clothes on a clothesline or rack. Save energy and money.

Fire up the grill. Invite friends and family over for an eco-friendly barbeque with reusable cups and plates, clearly labeled composting and recycling bins, and homemade, local or organic food.

Deal with bugs safely and naturally. Bugs already in your house? You can rid of ants with citrus, and fruit flies with beer. To keep mosquitoes away, plant basil.

Only use the air conditioner when necessary. If you have window units, only turn on the AC forthe room you are in. If you have central air, turn the thermostat up a few degrees.

Cool down in the kiddie pool. Reuse the water for your garden afterwards.

Choose your sunblock wisely. Use eco-friendly sunblocks and slather it on as needed.

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