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Friday, June 10, 2011

How Pets and Allergies Can Go Hand In Paw

It is important to know that what causes pet allergies is the flakes from the animal's skin, called dander, not the fur. The animal's salvia on the fur from cleaning itself or on your skin from slobbery kisses can incite a reaction. Pet urine can also be a culprit. The Maids offers tips for coping with pets in the home are:

1.) Limit the areas of the home where the animal is allowed, promarily the bedroom and the bed. Don't forget how much time you spend breathing and touching things in that room.

2.) Buy a Hepa filter which can be portable or home-wide.

3.)Remove dander-trapping carpets. Install tile or wood that can be cleaned thoroughly. Use a vacuum with a hepa filter, too.

4.) Wash bedding frequently in hot water. Washing flushes away dander that has settled on the bedding.

4.) Do not allow the pet in the car or use washable seat covers.

5.) Wash your hands after playing with the animal.

6.) Clean and vacuum regularly.

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