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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cleaning Tips To Solve Any Cleaning Crisis

Tackle any household disaster — including stained carpets, gunky kitchen appliances, cluttered rooms, and more — with easy cleaning tips from Heloise.

Shower Curtain Scum: Put plastic shower curtains and liners in the washing machine, and add a bath towel for scrubbing action, along with your regular amount of detergent. Pop them in the dryer for several minutes or hang to dry.

Bathtub Stains: Put 1/4 cup powdered dishwasher detergent in a glass measuring cup, and add enough water to make a paste; stir with a nonmetal utensil then apply to the stain, scrub lightly, and let set for 20 minutes. Rinse well. If the glaze on the tub has worn off, you may not be able to remove the stain.

Shower Door Soap Buildup: Use a plastic scrubbie or a microfiber cloth dipped in white household vinegar to wipe down the doors, or squeeze cheap shampoo on a plastic scrubber and rub over the area to help dissolve the film. Let sit for a few minutes, then use a squeegee to clean off the residue. Keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar handy and apply when you start to see a haze.

Showerhead Buildup: Remove the showerhead and soak it in white or apple-cider vinegar. If you can't disconnect the showerhead, partially fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tape or tie the top of the bag around the showerhead so the nozzle end is submerged in liquid. Let it sit overnight. The vinegar should dissolve the mineral deposits. Use a toothpick to clear any debris from the holes so the water flows freely.

Grout Stains: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection and mix 3/4 cup household chlorine bleach with 1 gallon water. Use a soft-bristle brush to apply to one small area at a time. Don't let the liquid spatter onto surrounding surfaces. Let it sit for several minutes, then scrub and rinse.                 

Courtesy of: Good Housekeeping
                     By Heloise